AFRO HAIR ….. does it really matter?


Today we hear of the report of a black women being forced to explain, defend and being forced to resign on no other grounds but her hair style – it is increasingly becoming the norm that black women feel they have to defend their hairstyle whether it be weave, straightened, twist or dreads.  HARD TALK – Diplomacy broaches the particular topic of the versatility and strength of Afro hair and its wearers, stylists and product manufacturers.

The amount spend on hair products in a black female household in a year could support an island creams, night caps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, combs brushes, weaves, wigs and hair jewels are only a part of the “hair-dressing” ritual.  The current fashion for busy women is to cut and shape the hair into a manageable easy wash, come and go style that not only cuts down on time spent on hair preparation but is also an attractive way to keep Afro hair into control.

Today it has been reported (The Voice) that Rhonda Lee (now KTBS-TV’s former weather presenter) who was sacked defending her short Afro hair style following the suggestion that she is a “…cancer patient.”  Professional progress is something to be applauded but it would appear that the misunderstanding and misapprehension of what is perceived to be acceptable beauty is something that continues to need to be explained.

The question HARD TALK – Diplomacy asks is ….. “Does it really matter how one’s hair is worn”?  Really ….?



5 comments on “AFRO HAIR ….. does it really matter?

  1. I read this story earlier on another blog, I’m still furious. Your hair doesn’t determine your ability to do your job. Ridiculous. Down right stupidity!!

    • Hallo Entice,

      I was so furious I decided to start this blog page to highlight the type of world we are living in – please pass my blog page on to others to gain momentum. Our hair is our crown and beauty and if others do not understand that then we must do something

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