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SYRIA – sightless end?


For the first time in the history of the conflict talks abounds in terms of a “defeat by opposition forces”.  The vacumn that could be left by the outgoing governmental regime must be filled by a credible Syrian force.  The after effect of the Libyan and Iraqi conflicts is a text case in democratisation of a country that is not fully prepared for such.

A coalition government is an interim solution that to date has not been fully explored and with the tribal fractions in Syria may be difficult to navigate but it is a solution.  The fleeing refugee and the death toll rises on an hourly basis leaving the country desolate and its history tarnished.

On the international stage hands are tied and the Syrian people must therefore find their own solution to this ‘civil war’.  This is not a conflict that requires or will accept external correction – the solution must be an internal one.

In the spirit of the season – the beseech is for Syrians to bring this conflict to an end, unitedly, totally and peacefully.


One comment on “SYRIA – sightless end?

  1. This is funnily enough just the thing I’ve been looking for! Excellent and thanks very much!

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