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USA gunGun crimes are amongst the highest level of crime in America and it would appear that the right to bear arms has had an effect on American lives, so much so that guns are an every day mode of  weapon or protection – depending on one’s point of view.  Recent events  and the unnecessary loss of lives as a result of the misuse of guns is something that America is deeming to question as we enter 2013.  How far America go to lossening the handle’s grip   and look down the barrel to a future where guns are not the norm is the fact that the world is waiting to hear with bated breath.   “Gun control and not gun ban” is one of the cries of the lobbyists “one more extra gun in these times keeps my family safe” is another – the second nature which deems that a gun must be carried is an age old american behaviour pattern handed down through the ages.  In the present when there have been witnessed the deaths of school children at the hands of gun the real question should be posed …. Is the time for a gunless America now upon us?   There are other methods of self defence, other methods of apprehension and correction can we not look at those and take a step away from violence, repeated violence and slow down?

Has the time now come for a licence review?  The issue of licences to white Americans is far higher than to black Americans (statistically) but the black Americans are those who populate American prisons for gun crimes.  The black market is therefore rife (pun excluded) with guns – give those who apply for a licence equal rights to own a gun responsibly?  Is this the answer … the debate continues and those who die unnecessarily as a result of gun crimes – continue to grow, sadly.

Illinois is the only state where it is illegal to carry a gun, openly.  Gun ownership is not a safe form of protection – does not matter how it is certified.  The Police are trained in gun safety and practise, the ordinary citizen is not.  So shoot to disarm another human being is a practised art, shoot to kill seems to be the norm throughout the Union?

Gun amnesty is called for with over 300 million guns in circulation (known figures)

Urgent review and reform of the gun culture is needed, required and urged – America, for the sake of Americans and people who are caught in the middle.


One comment on “THERE IS A CASE FOR A GUNLESS AMERICA … isn’t there?

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