UK Independence Party

UK Independence Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adam Afriyie, MPThe voice of one crying in the wilderness is always a haunting sound,but when that voice becomes a battle-cry – interest is awakened.  Th Rt Hon. Adam Afriyie. MP for Windsor would appear to be calling the Prime Minister, David Cameron to hold true to his promise to the country to hold a referendum within the term of this present Government which looks as if it is rapidly evaporating into the promise of a new Conservative government, following the next general election?  The U-turn on the referendum question has been documented in the press but would appear to be hidden.

Standing upon his conscience as an MP, The Right Hon Adam Afriyie has been vilified and held up as a scapegoat by his colleagues in the house for his stand in support on the EU referendum, until today.  Four have come out in his favour and the call for the government to hold a full EU Referendum is gathering pace.

This Friday’s vote will be telling in terms of support or lack of it for an election promise to hold one.  The self-made millionaire has not held high office during the term of this Government’s reign and as such we are yet to see the full force of his talents.  From humble beginnings to the House of Commons he has not wavered in his resolve to achieve.  Coupled with an ethical stand on election promises his could be what is needed to win back the grass root voters who seem to be deserting in droves for UKIP. Mr Linton Crosby has been seconded to do what he does to improve the governments current standing to be more electable, but from this vantage point it would be an uphill struggle – not impossible, but a struggle none the less.

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Right Hon Adam Afriyie is a man with a mission, a conscience and a gathering following.  This Friday’s vote will be telling not only or his political career but to test the waters in terms of support for future ambitions.  Is this the cry of a lone wolf or is there some substance in the ripples of the tide of a flood of conscience flowing through the current government?


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