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European Union

European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CBIThe captains of the British commerce industry have come out fighting in support of the Government’s U-turn on the election promise of an EU referendum.  The report issued today entitled ‘Our Global Future: the business vision for a reformed EU’ sets out the case for the status quo remaining as it is (albeit with a few tweeks) in order for the Eurozone to be saved.  What is paramount from the report that the CBI stands behind is the unequivocal stand for the current situation.

What has gone by the board is the wish and hope of the grassroots and it would appear the rest of the country for the Conservative election promises to be played out in this government‘s current term not the next.

Katja Hall, the CBI’s Chief Policy Director has utilised the platform of the ‘ConservativeHome‘ page to impress views upon the Government which are at odds with the mood of the nation.  The Conservative party are seen to be the party of business but when business dictates the next steps should not questions be raised from the rafters from Westminster Palace?   This Friday’s vote for the Government to hold a referendum on Britiain’s membership lead by Adam Afriyie, MP is a turning point that will exhibit the strength of the Government’s power.

Britain has not held its seat in the EU without controversy which now is not only historic but academic.  The EU can survive without Britain and vice versa, the EU founding fathers would barely recognise its current form.   A change is needed and is now necessary in both annals, the EU and Great Britain.  Let’s hope the change comes before it is too late and let not the commercial world dictate the Government’s next step or steps.  The question needs to be asked – who is running the country and advocating change the CBI or the Government?



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