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Three surveillance cameras on the corner of a ...

Three surveillance cameras on the corner of a building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahmed MohammedThe case for or against the Burka rages on and the events that took place in Acton does not help the cause.  A young man wearing an electronic tag which was monitored; entered a mosque wearing his everyday clothing in which his face was in full display.  Left the mosque “unseen” or indeed unnoticed despite being under surveillance – allegedly wearing a burka and minus his electronic tag.  This is not just a story that is hard to believe but this is a scenario that was played out under the “surveillance” of Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 27 even though he was the subject of a TPims order.

Are the security services sufficiently strong enough to protect and outsmart those who are under surveillance?  London is said to be the CCTV capital of the world and all the cameras in Acton and the surrounding area cannot follow someone who wants to hide and especially minus an electronic surveillance tag and who is using a Burka as a disguise.  British law has not yet outlawed the burka and suggested that western dress must be worn “….as in Rome, etc. but it would appear that this disguise is so simple in its effectiveness, why was this not considered and envisage action taken when one who is suspected entered a mosque.  The removal of the electronic tag also gives rise to the question what other measures can be taken to ensure that this does not happen again.  Ahmed Mohamed is not alone in escaping whilst being watched and he will not be the last, unless changes are made.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May is taking great pains to allay the fears of the general public by stating “The police and the security services have always said that there has been no substantial risk since the introduction of TPims.” but how long until this statement not longer rings true?  Has the security risk been blown wide open by these apparent failures in surveillance?

Despite the gallant work of the British Police Force – how safe is Britain, really?


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