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English: Adam Afriyie MP on Peascod Street, Wi...

English: Adam Afriyie MP on Peascod Street, Windsor, in his constituency during the year he was first elected (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rt Hon Adam Afriyie, MP is  not so alone and the pace to bring the government to account on its election promise is gathering pace.  At the beginning o the week it was reported that only 4 fellow MP’s supported his call for a 2014 European Referendum, today it is reported that at least 1/3rd of the House has indicated their support.  Tomorrow will be a telling day in his history and in the history of the House – will the “Ayes” have it?

Being an MP brings its challenges and rewards, but the stance of conscience that has been taken in respect of the proposed Amendment to the Private Members Bill calling for the Government to adhere to its election promise to hold a Referendum on EU Membership by 2014 is revealing to say the least.  Revealing because according to the polls, in its present form, the Conservative Party‘s days are numbered.  There are suggestions that under a different leader the Conservative Party may have a change to succeed.  Despite the engagement of Linton Crosby the second term for this Government would seem to be an uphill struggle?  Despite this, there is the suggestion that a EU Referendum will be held in 2017 – be aware that a Government cannot bind a successive Government, even its own!  There is no guarantee that the Conservative Party will be in power in 2017 and therefore this is an empty promise – this phrase has been echoed through the term of this government and the public elect its representatives in the House to tell the truth.  An MP that stands on their conscience is a dangerous opponent and also an opponent worthy to be call to represent the constituency they have been chosen so to do.

Whether the call for the amendment stands or falls – this effort has been a worthy challenged.  We know that at present there is support for the amendment – and we also know which way Sir Nicholas Soames will be voting?  Whatever the outcome The Rt Hon. Adam Afriyie, MP is a man of conscience, upon which he stands.  He was not born with a ‘silver spoon in his mouth’ but his character shines through and he has taken a brave stance.  Tomorrow is a decisive day.


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