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Free Our Data!

Free Our Data! (Photo credit: psd)

On Friday last,  the Private Members Bill The Rt Hon Adam Afriyie seeks to gain an Amendment to on the EU Referendum 2014 has been adjourned‘ until the 22nd November 2013 – one the one hand this is a standard delaying tactic so that the Private Members Bill is pushed aside so much so that it ‘falls of the table’ or it could be looked upon with a positive eye thus the ‘adjournment ‘ give time for even more support and momentum to be gained.

The decision to persue the Amendment to this Private Members Bill is a brave step out in the ocean of politics for Adam Afriyie and as such he is more than prepared to get his toes wet for this act of conscience despite opposition.

We have to wait until the Motion is further discussed – 22 November 2013 to be precise.




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