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A YOUNG MAN’S VOICE … is he alone?


Acquit­ted for the killing of the young and inno­cent Trayvon Mar­tinGeorge Zim­mer­man has been given “Celebrity Status” by being allowed to take part in aCelebrity Box­ing Match. The news broke last week that Zim­mer­man will be tak­ing part in this celebrity box­ing match. The man who was acquit­ted for second-degree murder for killing the inno­cent Trayvon Mar­tin is now being turned into a celebrity! This news has angered many across the world but what is worse is that he maybe remembered for box­ing fame rather than the shoot­ing of Trayvon Martin.

Since the news of Zim­mer­man tak­ing part in this celebrity box­ing event, both the Game and DMX have come out to express their desire to fight Zim­mer­man. The Game has said he would “beat the f*ck out of him (Zim­mer­man)” and DMX has said he would “piss on him” and break every rule accord­ing to TMZ. Although the Game has come out to say that he would be box­ing for the leg­acy of Trayvon, why is this even hap­pen­ing? Yes this is a chance for a man who many believe are guilty to feel some sort of justice, how­ever, is there more harm than good from this occasion?

Many will believe that hav­ing the Game, DMX or any other Hip-Hop artist knock the stuff­ing out of Zim­mer­man would be fant­astic because of the ver­dict of the case. Knock­ing his face off would bring short term pleas­ure. The long term con­sequences could be Zim­mer­man is remembered for box­ing, becomes some sort of D-list celebrity and is given a new life because of this event. What would be worse if Zim­mer­man actu­ally knocked out one of these Hip-Hop stars who are box­ing for Trayvon’s leg­acy! A Zim­mer­man vic­tory would be a dis­grace for the rap­per, to Hip-Hop, the event and any­one who believes this is justice for Trayvon.

This whole event is a vic­tory for George Zim­mer­man. Last month he was known for shoot­ing a defence­less child, now he can become some box­ing story, a celebrity and poten­tially a win­ner. He has even had the auda­city to come and say that “the Game would be the per­fect oppon­ent.”  Why? Because the Game has a Trayvon Mar­tin tat­too? Because of his eth­nic back­ground? The whole thing is a human dis­grace. Let’s for­get about race, we’re up lift­ing a man who has shot a child, acquit­ted for killing the child and has no been given a new lease of life by being called a “celebrity”.  I do hope that they reopen the case before the event or can­cel it all together because it’s a shame.

All Hip-Hop stars need to look past the anger and leave this situ­ation alone. Knock­ing out Zim­mer­man may feel great, but mak­ing him a celebrity by doing so would make everything a lot worse.

by *Aaron Wright, writer from I Am Hip Hop Magazine




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