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HARD TALK – Diplomacy* is a forum for discussing subjects and every day events that affect lives.

Language and the use of language to put one’s point across effectively is the point and purpose of HARD TALK – Diplomacy – “the pen is mightier than the sword” is an adage under-utilised in a world that is troubled by global wars.  Let us not descend into the throes of a verbal battle but let us discuss with poise, prose and professionalism – events that need to be commented upon be it of a global, political, personal or controversial nature.

The ability to discuss, reason, debate and generally talk is the basis of solution sourcing and problem solving.  In a globalised world in which news is transmitted across the globe in seconds the ability to bring together those who wish to debate is possible.

If you have something to contribute, share or would like to begin a debate join the company of those who are also a part of this forum which possesses the ethos of  – HARD TALK – DiplomacyDynamism, Diplomacy & Diversity.

*trading made of HARD TALK – Diplomacy Ltd


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