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Nelson Mangela president

The Republic of South Africa is facing a crossroads as we close 2012 – looking back over the past 30 years the hope in the freedom of the nation was vast imminent abound.  At present, the return of in-fighting and apartied is immiment.

Africa‘s future is hinged upon its young generation . graduates and/or those with a vision for the nation to rise.

Nelson Mandela began the fight to freedom in earnest;  incarceration on Robin Island witnessed the continuation of his ethos in a free South Africa.   Having been made President for a year the continued path to a free South Africa was handed over; the stuggle for acceptance, economic prosperity and a place on the world stage that is not linked to tourism is awaited.  The idealogy gained momentum and today we witness an Africa free from “apartied” as it was once known, but entangled in an apartied that is not easily recognisable.

What future – for South Africa and Africa as a whole under the African Union, following President Zuma’s statement today that “South Africa is not falling apart”.


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