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HARD TALK – Dipomacy


One has a right to live  and a right to life – simply because you are human.  This right is undeniable.

Human Rights

Human Rights (Photo credit: h de c)

If you were to ask “What are human rights?” the answer is diverse. You would be informed about the awareness of basic rights but very few people know all their rights.

A “right” is a freedom of some kind. It is something to which one is entitled by virtue of being human.

Human rights are based on the principle of respect for an individual. The fundamental assumption is that a person is a moral and rational being who deserves to be treated with dignity at any age and at any stage of their lives. They are called human rights because these rights are based on the natural codes of life and at the same time should be universal. Whereas nations or specialized groups enjoy specific rights that apply only to them, human rights are the rights to which everyone is entitled—no matter who they are or where they live—simply because they are alive.

Yet many people, when asked to name their rights, will list only freedom of speech and belief and perhaps one or two others. There is no question these are important rights, but the full scope of human rights is very broad spectrum.  Human rights encompass choice, opportunity and freedom. – this includes the freedom to follow a career of one’s choice; be educated; select a partner/friends of one’s choice and raise children. They also include the right to travel widely and the right to work gainfully without harassment, discrimination, abuse and threat of arbitrary dismissal. They even embrace the right to enjoy one’s free time.

Human rights is not exist as we know it today as enshrined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the enshrinement of this particularly piece of legislation,  the idea emerged that people should have certain freedoms and finally in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted which forms the written basis of human rights today.

HARD TALK Diplomacy in 2013  –will highlight breaches of human rights throughout the world



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