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ACCEPTABLE RAPE? …… the current face of India – 2013


article-2255705-16B5C5C3000005DC-757_634x424 Prayer banner for Indian Women

“Rape is too common, it frequently often goes unreported“ – CNN News (3rd January 2013)

“Mindset must change “ – Kirti Singh ( Lawyer & HR Activist)

Two – finger test : Indian police accused of second humiliation of rape  victims

Rape Victim’s Father Speaks Out

The recent events of the rape and death of a 23 year old medical student by six men on a public bus in broad daylight in India have highlighted the extremely lax laws relating to female rape on the continent where women would appear to have been reduced to nothing but a sex objects for all who wish to take part.  The reported attitude of the Indian Police Force is tantamount to being “accessories to the crime of rape” by not apprehending suspects, criminals and testing for “rape” with a humiliating “two finger test”.  In this day and age is this really necessary?   No it is not!

What is India becoming when a studious medical student whose “friends” are her books and who has a wish to heal cannot enter a “bus” on a journey from A t o B without being fondled, touched, verbally abused, humiliated, raped, shorn naked, tossed out of a bus, run over by the same bus and left for dead in a busy street during daylight hours.  Those who did not lift a finger to help should be asking questions .. unless life to ape in India has become such a part of an everyday occurrence that the blindness to this crime allows rape to continue?

The arrest of 5 men ….the sixth and “most brutal of all” has defeated arrest.  The “teach her a lesson” rape is and has to be the pinnacle of India’s record on the shameful treatment of women and especially rape victims which require drastic and urgent review.  India it would appear by the reports read, received and viewed has no regard to women and the generic treatment of this heinous crime of rape is what the 21st Century India needs to urgently review.

Sadly – this brutal rape of the 23 year old medical student is only one in one a series of crimes.

The reported 2011 statistics are breathtaking:-

Madhya Pradesh  – 3406

West Bengal  – 2363

Uttar pradesh – 2042

Rajasthan – 1800).

Maharashtra –  1701

Assam – 1700

Andra Pradesh – 1442

Kerala – 1132

Odisha – 1112

Bihar – 934

Jharkhand – 784

Gujarat – 439

Delhi city is reputed to be the rape capital of India with four hundred fifty three rapes reported last year.  There are approximately 1.8 times more than rape cases reported than in Mumbai.

Sikkim has had 16 such cases . Nagaland has lowest rape crimes, 23 cases being reported in 2010.  Goa has 29 cases and Manipur has had 53 rape cases reported in 2010.

The total number of RAPE case reported in 2010 are 23582.  


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