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Legend of the weekRasaki Aladokun, is a Nigerian Talking Drum miracle artist with approximately 30 years experience.   He was a valued member of King Sunny Ade’s (KSA) band for over 20 years.  During his period with KSA, Rasaki participated in the recording and release of over 50 albums and CDs.His incredible energy and mastery of the talking drum contributed to making King Sunny Ade what he has become in the music world. Rasaki is well travelled, having performed in several musical engagements in Asia, Europe, the US and in several parts of Africa. His expertise has earned him the respect of music lovers all over the world. He has been a featured artist in the recordings of many notable musicians, like Orlando Julius Ekemode, Stevie Wonder, and Babatunde Olatunji of Drums of Passion.

According to Rhythm Testament, “Rasaki’s technique is phenomenal, his rhythmic precision and thrust are superlative. With his traditional Juju band, he will play drum leads of infinite variety and freshness non-stop for over five hours straight at a steady meter of 150 beats per minute, stirring a Nigerian audience to such fervor that they will beg the band not to stop”.

This week, Yoruba Drum Festival celebrates Rasaki Aladokun as a “Living Legend of the Talking Drums” – join the campaign to keep the ancient art of communication with Talking Drums alive on indiegogo – http://igg.me/at/yorubadrumfestival/x/6496742

 — with Ayantunde Anselm Ramacher.

Kindly preprinted from the Facebook site – Yoruba Drum Fesitval (April 2014)


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