HMV flagship branch on Oxford Street, London.

HMV flagship branch on Oxford Street, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great Britain  feared, admired and whose mannerisms were emulated all over the world  would appear to be reduced to being thought of as  the laughing-stock of Europe and the rest of the world.  Another British institution goes into liquidation in the  space of a week – JessopsHMV and Blockbusters, as such members of the ordinary public are bewildered as to where the Great  in Britain has gone or is going.   It is now left to be seen which politician (or party) is going to address the real fact that what was once thought of as “Great Britain” is now less than great and is more a damp  wet squib on the European stage.

There is still a lot to be proud of and in ….  we have just experienced a successful Olympic Games, the Queen has celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and there is a new Royal Baby on the was, but the ‘feel good factor’ is dwindling – customer service, has been reduced to the whirring of fast track tills – queueing has been totally abandoned – food is barely recognisable – please and thank you are now outdated words/phrases – the pound is not worthy of pocket space  and the once clean streets of London are littered with chewing gum, spittle and rubbish, or should it now be termed “litter”?

We are two weeks into 2013 and the appointment of an American into European affairs was baffling, whose suggestion is that Britain should not meddle in European affairs.  The promised European Referendum has been suggested by the Germans and the Americans to be placed “on the back burner”.  Whilst the unemployment figures increase, redundancies are abound , a further 300,000,000 Rumanians are expected to take up residence in December 2013, if the figures are to be believed?

This island of Great Britain could sink (figuratively) and then where will the indigenous population be?   Dubai, Qatar in India and China … I presume!  Britain is slowly being abandoned by the “Great” ……..  So, what is so currently great about Britain?




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