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English: David Cameron’s picture on the 10 Downing Street website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weeks vote  on marriage in the Commons will have a far-reaching effect on the lives of Britons in terms of marriage.  The current third and fourth generation multi-ethnic and religious make up of “the empire” is so diverse that the present government are bending over backwards to accommodate the current social trend to make everybody equal under the law.   Religious groups state that we are not all equal under the law and marriage should be contained within the confines of a male/female relationship and no deviation to this law/rule is acceptable.    The Civil Partnership Act caters for same-sex partnerships  and as such gives those who have chosen to use this form of ceremony to celebrate their relationship have equal status under the law.  Is this not enough – to force religious Ministers to officiate over the “marriage ceremony” of same-sex couples would appear to take  religious freedom to another form – one can have religious freedom as long as it accords with the views of the Conservative Party?

The free vote this Wednesday. in the House of Commons,  enforces upon religious leaders the legal requirement to celebrate and certify same-sex partnerships upon which is anathema to their teachings and orthodoxy.  Is this government above the ancient marital laws and has abandonment of values taken precedent over modern-day progressional thinking?   This proposed Act would seem to be step too far and the delegation who are presenting a Petition to Downing Street today encompasses the way the British public feel be they religious or irreligious and the consequences of this Bill, if passed, will change the face of marriage in Britain as a whole.

British society today is a solid multi ethnic society and as such multi ethnic religious views are and have been taken into consideration by this present government i.e., Sharia mortgages, multi faith oaths in Court etc., so why alienate this new society by advocating same-sex marriages – the phrase belies  religious  fundamentals of British diverse multi faith and Christian groups.  The Conservative Chariman calls for a delay on this free vote until after the next election (supposing the Conservative government is in power); the Conservative Party pundits are predicting a fall away from David Cameron‘s stance; religious groups are up in arms and are threatening not to authorise same-sex marriages which would point to the current government being out of touch with the opinion of the public at large who voted them into power.  It would appear that this government accedes to multi-ethnic demands with regard to finance, but not so with regard to basic fundaments of faith.

There are countries in the world where those in same sex relationship are killed without trial or question – has the current British government taken a step too far in trying to appease the “pink vote” and alienate the grass roots or is the direction that Britain should be directed  – everybody will be equal under religious law if this Bill is passed, despite  the religious tradition in respect of marriage of the centuries.  This is the face of new Britain under the Conservatives – Tony Blair ushered in New Labour and the plethora of wars despite one of the biggest demonstrations against war held in the British history (Iraq), the Conservatives seem to be taking one step further away from the British public and are attempting to change the face and fabric of Britain.  Where do you stand?

See how your MP votes by clicking on this link and then decide how to vote at the next election?



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